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“Kaizen Retail Management Consultancy Services”

(Enabling retailers to overcome business challenges and exploit opportunities)

Insights, Connections, and Recruitment help you build your business. Our Consultancy service answers the question, ‘what next?’. We provide the expertise that helps retailers and brands analyse existing organisational issues, develop their plans for growth and keep improving their performance.

So how can we give you a window on the future? We can help in different ways. 

Retail Consulting and Designing Services

With Customer Understanding & International Retail Experience we can cater following retail needs….

  • Merchandise Presentation: Format wise – with training guidelines. Data need to provide by the formats.
  • Retail designing: Fashion & hyper format (store design- furniture – fixture layout design)
  • New concept development: Incubation for any format. Small & big format. (it cater concept design of brand as a whole from branding to customer’s experience- service, retail layout)
  • Fixture detailing & Visual communication: Small format below 1000 sq. Ft to big format of any size. (we can provide print execution across India also)
  • Promotion & window design to concept (optional): Detail description cost depends on format size (print & execution, can be implemented across the country on extra cost)
  • Fixture development (bulk production): CAD details, single fixture creation on cost with help on proto typing supervision. Production can be handled.
  • Point of purchase, display unit development (bulk production): Fixture designing – CAD details, single fixture creation with help on proto typing supervision. Production can be handled.
  • Product packaging: 15-50(designing), production can be handled. 

Retail Operational Improvement Specialists – Thatz we are

It’s something they’d rather keep under wraps, but our team of retail experts have over 60 years’ of collective experience between them – working with national and international brands, mid-sizers and incy-wincy start-ups.

So, however big or small you are, wherever you’re based and whatever your specific challenges, we can help.


A. Central Operations Determine Success

Even the strongest and most successful products can be undermined by poor and inconsistent retail execution. Our operations experts will ensure that won’t happen to you.

Our team of operations experts have delivered retail execution success to some of the well-known and most prestigious brands in India.

We’ll improve your retail execution by delivering:

  • A comprehensive review of your existing store operations
  • A rolling activity plan that determines the pace and nature of operational change
  • A critical path process that delivers value for all stakeholders
  • Achievable goals coupled with a clear measurement and feedback mechanism
  • A flexible process that allows your business to grow, consistently

If your head office team or, more importantly, customers are complaining about consistency, write into us today.

B. Productivity and Process Improvement

Our team of experts includes some of the most experienced retail productivity modellers on the Indian retail scene. We’re confident we can help improve your productivity, whatever your sector, size and specific challenges.

Productivity and process improvement is not just about saving money but delivering a better end result.

We strongly believe that the models we put into your stores will not only reduce costs but, more importantly, improve sales.

From the very small retailer to the very big, savings can be made and efficiencies gained that make productivity modelling critical to any retailer. Our own approach comprises:

  • Time and motion measurements
  • Productivity modelling (fixed and variable)
  • Scheduling tools
  • Committed task schedules

If you’re keen to start driving efficiencies throughout your retail business, write into us today.

C. Store flow of goods

Stores and stockrooms do not come with elastic walls.

Which is why we have fined tuned our retail operational solution to reduce stock-holding but improve on-shelf availability.

Frustratingly for many retailers, investment in stock flow systems don’t always translate into on-shelf availability.

Our store flow of goods solution has been fine tuned to deliver:

  • improved on-shelf availability
  • profit growth
  • reduced stock-holding

keeping store colleagues happy, the Finance Director happy and customers happy.

So if you want to see improvements in store flow of goods within days, write into us today.

D. Operational Consistency

Operational consistency is at the heart of excellent in-store execution, without which plans will fail.

With 30 combined years of senior retail management experience, our team apply objective passion to your processes, for better availability, improved customer service and higher profit.

Our team of operational improvement specialists has seen the best and the worst retail processes in action and can therefore objectively compare where you are against where you could be with consistent in-store execution.

Kaizen Global will reduce your operating costs, through consistent delivery in-store of your effective and efficient retail standards.

To significantly improve your retail processes and operational consistency, write into us today.

E. Right product, right mix, right time

As retailers if there is one thing we get passionate about it is our products.

Our buying, merchandising and category management experts use customer insight led buying and category management processes for profitable in-season sell through and profit growth.

At the heart of any successful retail business is the ability to secure the right product at the right price at the right time. Our team helps buying and category management teams of all sizes achieve this consistently — and with the minimal stress.

The reality is that buying and merchandising capabilities require skills that don’t always come easy. Working as consultants, or through our workshops, we will help your team deliver improved sales and profit. We specialise in:

  • Customer-centric strategies that get you closer to your customers’ needs
  • Reviewing you market analysis report and competitor set we can help you creating your own trading ground
  • Range-building and merchandising using customer decision trees and price and quality hierarchies
  • Margin-enhancing buying disciplines to boost your bottom line
  • Inventory management
  • Integration of buying with marketing
  • Negotiation support and training

To significantly improve your buying and merchandising capability, write into us today.

F. Sourcing & Supply Optimisation

Having the right sourcing and supply processes in place can be the difference between a high margin best seller and a dog. If they are not optimised you might as well leave cash on the table.

Our team includes seasoned senior managers whose reputation has been built on optimising the sourcing and supply of some very significant names on the High Street.

They bring

  • Supplier best practices
  • Objective analysis of the existing chain
  • And tried and tested processes

to your business, ensuring the best source for your products to grow your profit.

To significantly improve your sourcing and optimise your supply chain, write into us today.

G. Plan Your Next 3-5 Years

Businesses with a clear retail strategy are the ones that outperform. All retailers know this and yet few deliver on it.

Unfortunately, too many retailers get tied up in the day-to-day running of their businesses and ignore the bigger picture — at their own cost.

That’s where we come in. Our team of experienced retail consultants will help you to formulate a 3-5-year retail strategy with achievable objectives. So how do we do this? We offer:

  • A co-ordinated and professional environment in which you can create your vision
  • A full retail overview of the market you are in and the competition you face
  • A challenging, objective view of the vision and how it can be implemented
  • A set of decision-making tools to assist in delivering the right outcome
  • The creation of practical and achievable milestones to underline progress
  • Tailored cascade material that reinforces the new business objectives

We believe publishing an agreed, referable strategy with concrete milestones for its delivery — and communicating it clearly to everyone involved — is the most important step any retailer can take.

Write into us today to see how we can help.

H. Retail Team Operational Delivery

At Retail Remedy we believe with the right retail teams anything is possible.

Team forming, team building or team coaching, together with objective personal development plans, will support and grow your business.

Personal development plans must be connected to business performance. But it is not unusual for that link to be missing which is why we have developed the Complete Manager Model.

Starting with the purpose of the role and the skills needed to deliver it, we objectively measure where the team or individual are and then build personal capacity into the business.

Our broad and deep methods include:

  • Job profiling
  • One to one coaching
  • Tailored workshops
  • Team building events.

To see team growth for operational delivery, write into us today.

I. Delivering Successful Store Formats

Store format development is an exciting and creative area of retail, but can be extremely high risk.

If retailers take their store formats in the wrong direction, the results – and rectifying the damage – can be costly.

Between us, we’ve worked for some of the India’s best known retailers (Future Group, Spencers, Reliance, Metro, Bharti Walmart among others) on some of their most important assignments.

Our priority is always to deliver design solutions that optimise the use of space and create extraordinary retail selling environments. To this end, we offer:

  • Format Development and Design
  • Retail Concept Development
  • Space Utilisation and Analysis
  • Brand Development and POS Strategies

If you are looking to expand your store portfolio, update the use of space or reinvigorate the look and feel of your stores, write into us today.

Our team have many years of hard won experience. Our expertise is at your disposal. We have consultants across the cross section of retail market who keep their fingers on the retail pulse to ensure you get the vital information to help your business prosper.


SO……. Get in Touch!!