Sourcing Services

about us

Our Expertise

With over three decade of professional experience of the founders in this industry, our team has preexisting and long term relationship throughout the supply chain cycle of manufacturers, suppliers, processing sub-contractors and vendors. This helps to keep a constant flow in our value chain to our clients.

Right Product to Right Vendor

We lay a lot of importance on following a systematic roadmap on how to choose the RIGHT vendor for the RIGHT product. Based on the requirements of our client and the products, we screen our strong pool of regional vendors. We follow a detailed assessment of the vendor and the quality of existing production and then evaluate if it meets the requirements on our checklist. We look at various factors like lead time, quality and pricing requirement, size of program, technical and manufacturing capabilities. With such a vigorous assessment, you can rest assured that “Kaizen Global” can get you the most cost efficient vendor for your products in minimum time. We share a detailed report with our customer beforehand as a value added service.

Strong Technical Knowledge

Our team has exceptionally good understanding of technical aspects of the industry, well versed with quality control procedures, labor laws and audits required for more control in factories for production along with technical knowledge in construction and detailing. We take special care in recruiting the best professionals in the market with prior experience in the industry and train them thoroughly on the quality standards that we conform.

Quality Assurance

Our expert team of quality control monitors and coordinates with the manufacturer so that they follow our quality checklist at each stage during the product development and production stage.

Smooth Administration Processes

Our service departments including finance, accounts and logistics ensure that they work cohesively with all financial and logistics processes such as issue of inspection certificates, checking shipping documents, LC opening and transfers, freight consolidation with freight forwarders, airliners, shipping companies and banks etc.

Social and Technical Compliance

We are committed to provide its customers safe, quality products manufactured in clean & hygiene environment and in accordance with all applicable legislations of the State/Country of manufacture regarding industry minimum standards.

Single point of control

Single point administration control of all vendors: “Kaizen Global” has high end bundle software which manages client portfolio. Our systems are connected to central database for process such as delivery schedule, time and action plans, product specifications, accounting & audit control.